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Terms of Use:

Sprout English reserves the right to terminate a subscription if any of the terms or user guidelines are broken.  By becoming a subscriber of Sprout English you agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

1. Use of content

Subscribers are permitted to use our downloadable and printable content for personal or classroom use only. All of our PDF files may be printed from your browser or saved to your internal hard drive but may not be transferred to any external storage devices (including CDs, external hard drives, or email).

2. Photocopying

All of our material is reproducible for personal and classroom use only. Photocopying and distribution to students is only permitted while a subscription is ‘Active’. Once a subscription expires, photocopying is no longer permitted. Subscribers who have purchased a classroom license may photocopy our resources for their own students, but may not share them with other teachers or classrooms. Subscribers are not permitted to do the following:

  • Resell Sprout English material in printed or electronic form
  • Charge students or others for any Sprout English content
  • Redistribute any Sprout English content in print or electronic form.
3. Sharing material

Subscribers are not entitled to share or loan Sprout English downloadable and printable material to any other person. The material is intended only to be used by the subscription holder and distributed only to his or her own children or students.

4. Passwords

You may not share your Sprout English password with any other person. Sprout English reserves the right to revoke subscriptions if a subscriber is found to share his or her password with any other person.

5. Content

Sprout English does not guarantee in any way that the content found on this site will be free of errors, defects, viruses, or any other damaging elements. Sprout English does not assume any responsibility should any content you take from this site cause any damage to your own computer or files.

Sprout English reserves the right to add new content and amend or delete any current content from our site and service without prior notice.

6. Refunds

We are proud of the quality and quantity of materials available at Sprout English.  Full refunds are available to any subscriber who feels dissatisfied with our materials or whose computer is not compatible with the site.

Refunds must be requested within seven days from the date of subscription activation.  We recommend taking a tour of Sprout English, and testing our PDF free samples prior to joining the site. 

7. User Information (Privacy)

Sprout English will not release subscribers’  user information unless we believe that his/her subscription is being used in violation of the terms, or to commit illegal acts.

By becoming a subscriber of Sprout English you assure that all of your subscriber information is true, and that your email address belongs to you. Should any of your user information be found to be false, your subscription may be revoked immediately without refund.

8. Subscription Duration
A subscription term is billed monthly or annually depending on the term selected.
9. Renewing Your Subscription or Canceling Your subscription
If you join Sprout English using a credit card, your subscription will be carried over to a new term on the last day of your subscription period automatically, and your credit card will be automatically re-billed. You may cancel your subscription or your upcoming renewal term by informing Sprout English by email. This action must occur at least 48 hours prior to the last day of your subscription term. You may also cancel your subscription by clicking the 'Cancel Subscription' link inside your account. By canceling your subscription fees all future payments will be cancelled, however, you will still maintain access to our resources until the last day of your current term. If you have paid by cheque or money order, your subscription will close on its last day, unless a new payment has been made in advance.

Sprout English reserves the right to amend its terms and guidelines at any time without prior notice. By becoming a subscriber of Sprout English, you agree to these terms and guidelines.