Sprout English is a resource site for English teachers and families.
We have thousands of ready-made worksheets, lessons, games, and projects for teaching English to young learners. We add new materials to Sprout English every month.
Sprout English is owned and published by Red River Press Inc., an independent publishing company in Winnipeg, Canada. Sprout English was/is imagined, created, designed, and built by people who all love what they do.
Ben Buckwold
Sprout English Founder,
Red River Press President
Tanya Trusler
Chief Editor, Site Manager,
Content Developer
Tara Benwell
Content Developer, Social
Media Director
Nadine Lowes
Lesson Publisher, Content
Katelin Dubois
Piotr Raginiak
Billy Kiely
Web & Interface Designer
Marta Solodun
Sales Manager

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